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What’s Included In Your Membership:
The Daily “Brandt on the Rant,” my take of the day each and every day. 
Not only will you get my thoughts on the hottest happenings, you’ll hear more insight about why things are happening the way they are. You’ll get my predictions for upcoming seasons and events, and you’ll hear my expert insider’s take on what to expect.

Whether you want a leg up for Fantasy season, are eager to learn more about the sports business, or you simply can’t get enough information about your favorite players… 

The Sports Business League is the ONLY place to get a daily dose of inside information.

Weekly League-Only Q&A 
Each week, I will host a Q&A just for SBL insiders - your opportunity to ask the questions YOU want to ask and be guaranteed an answer.

No more trying to clamor for attention on Twitter and hoping you’ll get the info you want just a few characters. No more wondering if you’ll ever find out the story behind the story hitting headlines.

Now you can ask, and I’ll give you my best and most up-to-date take.

Simply put: if it’s not a secret and I’m not bound by an NDA… it’s on the table.
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Monthly Lesson from The Field

Each month, I’m going to dive into my experience, the experience of the players around me, and the industry as a whole… and tell you what I’ve taken from the experience.

This could be what I learned while signing Aaron Rodgers. This might be the growth I experienced during all the transitions of my career. This could even be - with full transparency - insights into my personal life, fitness, what makes me tick and more.

Here’s the deal: I’ve lived a lot of life in my years. I’ve achieved a lot of things - and I’m often asked how I got where I am. Not all of it has been fun - but it’s all been worth it.

And each month, I’m getting transparent and real with you to show you how you can achieve your own success using what I’ve learned while building mine.
Quarterly In-Depth Training
3 times a year, I’m going to build a HUGE training that will give you an information injection into the Business and Behind The Scenes of Sports.

Big changes happening? I’ll explain them and why decisions were made.
Questions too big for the weekly Q&A calls? I’ll dive deep and give you more than you ever thought you’d get.
Scandals or exposés hitting the headlines? You’ll get all the details and what to expect with the fallout.

These WILL be sold to the public but you will get them FOR FREE as part of your Sports Business League Membership.
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PLUS as a Founding Member, you’ll have access to…
The Archive
If you’ve already binge-watched all the 30 for 30s on ESPN… if your DVR is empty of PTI or Around the Horn… if SportsCenter is the background noise to your entire existence… if BleacherReport is on your phone’s home screen...

Then The Archive is your dream come true.
This is where you can access:
  • Every Brandt on the Rant in chronological order, tagged with its title
  • All the weekly Q&A calls, completely organized for you
  • Every single webinar and training, ready for on-demand access
  • ​Every single Sports Illustrated article, reprinted for your binging delight…
  • ​Guest Podcast segments, tagged by topic for you to listen on your commute or during your workout…
  • ​And any other media that I’ve created throughout my career… available for your mass consumption at your convenience.
II’ll also be including takeaways from my presentations here at Villanova so you can learn the business of sports beyond the headlines - including the foundational lessons that you can take with you no matter what your interest in sports is.

But it’s not just videos - you’ll get transcripts of all the podcast episodes and media appearances so you can read if listening or watching isn’t your thing. This thing is going to be HUGE!

The Archive is how you’ll make sure you never miss a thing again - instead of frantically searching your favorite hashtag or searching Reddit for information on that thing that happened a couple days ago.

Just fire up The Archive and it’s all right there for the taking.
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  • The Daily Brandt Rant
  • The Weekly Q&A Insider Calls
  • The Monthly Lessons from the Field Videos
  • The Quarterly Behind-the-Scenes Webinars
  • ​The Archive of everything I’ve ever done and will do in the future... including guest appearances, articles, and transcripts… PLUS special presentations from Sports Law/Sports Business classes at Villanova
You’re not going to get a better deal anywhere. Especially not for the level of access you’re going to get.

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